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kprompts is an anonymous prompt meme for fans of Korean media. each weekevery 100 comments a new post will go up. you can leave all the prompts and fills you desire.


  • prompts must be made anonymously. you can unanon when posting fills. linking your fic is also fine!

  • group, pairing or member (please use stage names) and any warnings must go in the subject line

  • please warn for triggering content ex. rape/non-con, dubious consent/dub-con, bestiality/zoophilia, necrophilia, character death, graphic depictions of violence, sexualization of minors, self-injury etc.

  • please link to any picture or video prompts. indicate if nsfw

  • multiple fills and fills on old prompts are totally fine and encouraged

  • if you're filling a prompt from an old post, remember to post the link on the current post

Warning policy:

Required warnings - comments that do not warn for the following will be screened and the commenter will be asked to repost with an appropriate warning. Please report any comments you feel should be screened to the mods.

Prompts and fills are required to warn for the following:

  • Non consent - non-consent/non-con, dubious consent/dub-con (includes situations where consent cannot be explicitly given because the character is under the influences of mind altering substances, sex pollened, or asleep, and situations with unequal power dynamics such as student/teacher or manager/idol), abuse
  • Further consent issues - incest, necrophilia, bestiality
  • Mental illness/eating disorders/self-harm/suicide
  • Character death - major character death (on-screen or off-screen)
  • Violence - graphic violence/gore, torture, abuse, cannibalism

Suggested warnings - not required, but commenters can apply these warnings as they see fit. The mods will not screen any comments without these warnings. If you would like to add something to this list, please comment on this post.

  • Terminal illness (where character death does not occur during the fic)
  • Homophobia/racism/other isms

If a comment is posted without an appropriate warning, mods will screen the comment and ask the commenter to repost with the warning. If you do not have another copy of the prompt or have trouble reposting, a mod can assist. If you realize you have posted without a warning, please comment on this post and a mod will screen it for you.

(Adapted from the Glee kink meme and Merlin kink meme rules.). thanks to exopromptmeme mods for the warning policy

for any other concerns, you can comment on this post, message this journal or email


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